About us

We are a boutique Data Science Agency. What does that mean? It means we are offering Machine Learning and AI business intelligence services that are affordable and customized to your needs.

We assist and guide entrepreneurs by providing successful ML and AI-supported solutions. These solutions lead to business disruption and growth in a highly competitive environment on an international level.

We adapt up-to-date research and technology tools in every project we deliver. In that way, we empower our clients to establish a substantial advantage over their competition.

About us
We aim to bring advanced Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence into real-life applications

“Connecting the dots” between data science and everyday life activities is what we are here for.

We envision accessible, affordable, and highly adaptable ML and AI-enabled Intelligence for everyone interested in extracting meaningful information from data.

Yes, we are science geeks. Even when we gaze at the stars for inspiration, we see data patterns!

And that's how we chose the name for our life’s vision, which transformed into a company.

We named it LIBRA, after the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac. Why?

Because it vividly depicts the essence of Machine Learning and us.

Patterns of stars in the Libra sign are similar to data patterns in ML, as they are both connected to an explainable total.

But most importantly, this particular sign represents justice, which, for us, symbolizes what we believe in  - Access to technology for all.

Our history

LIBRA started operating in Edinburgh (Scotland), UK, in 2015. Since the beginning, it has been offering Data Science consultancy services in research and industrial organisations around Europe.

As the founders of LIBRA realized the prospect of Data Science and its potential of transforming everyday life, they started working intensively, from early on, to translate innovation to practicality, but also to revolutionary ML and AI services and solutions.

Three years later, the company had already acquired a long list of clientele and had managed to enhance the team with highly talented professionals, proudly counting 19 members in total, to this day.

In 2020, we launched our Athens branch, transferring our primary operations to Greece, while expanding our customer base worldwide.

Our history

Our principals
Our principals

We believe in what technology has to offer to everyone, and that is the path we want to excel in.

Thus, we rely upon these core principles to build our company's culture, promote excellence, innovation and constantly evolve:

Diversity - Knowledge – Ingenuity- Execution – Quality – Accessibility

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