Building the Foundation for the Sustainable Digital Mine of the Future October 12, 2021| Featured Post | R&I By Evi Brousta

Photo by Dig_IT H2020 project
Photo by Dig_IT H2020 project
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Dig_IT is a collaborative project that engages 16 partners, including five mines (Marini Marmi, Ceppo di Gré; Italy, La Parrilla Mine; Spain, Titania AS; Norway, Hannukainen Mine; Finland, Tapojarvi; Norway) working together to improve the efficiency and the sustainability of mining operations through the development of a human-centred Smart Industrial Internet of Things platform (IIoTp).

The Solution

The Dig_ IT platform using sensors at three levels (human, assets, environment) and collecting also historical and market data will feed them into a real-time Digital Twins (DTs) that "will provide insights: for predictive maintenance and operation of mining machines and vehicles; to assess, map, and mitigate geotechnical and occupational health risks in real-time".

Beyond the environmental and health ambition, the Dig_IT project also has a "social purpose" focused on "re-establishment of the trust between mines and society towards a sustainable future in raw material production".

Expected Impact

The Dig_IT project has some important expected impacts concerning both technology, environmental and socio-economic impacts such as:

  • generation of know-how,
  • safeguard of environmental sustainability (including better energy and water efficiency and reduction in waste, wastewater and emissions),
  • improvement of health and safety performance of the solutions provided throughout the whole considered life cycle,
  • creation of a lower TRL technology base for radical innovations that would help unlock substantial reserves of new or currently unexploited resources within the EU,
  • enhancement of the economic viability of operations in the longer term, enhancement of the competitiveness and creation of added value and new jobs in raw materials,
  • creation of approximately a $190 billion benefit for the mining sector and $130 billion for the metal sector, innovation capacity and integration of knowledge improvement,
  • public knowledge of the mine supply chain's increase, mitigation of public opinion distrust towards most of the existing supply chain and market barriers towards IIot in mining organisation reduction.

Our company's role

In DiG_IT LIBRA AI Technologies develops the AI-Enabled business intelligence system of the project that provides insights and analytics of all the mining processes and operations, including productivity monitoring, employee safety, environmental monitoring, and more. This system will be deployed in all the five mine asset companies' facilities participating in the project.

Furthermore, the company will develop a spatiotemporal trajectory tracking system (as part of the Intelligent Toolbox) to provide early warnings when employees approach a dangerous zone in the mine or dangerous machinery in the field.  

Learn more

Keep up with the Dig_IT project activities through the following social media accounts:

Or visit to learn more about our work and activities within Dig_IT H2020 project. 


The Dig_IT project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 869529.

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