In LIBRA AI Technologies, we acknowledge that excellent data science comes only through knowledge. And knowledge is gained through constant learning and hands-on experience. 

To invest in both, the company has recently launched a series of monthly training activities focused on the upskilling and cross-training of our scientists and engineers.

The first training workshop took place on Friday, 23 July 2021, kindly hosted at Serafio City of Athens.

The workshop was organised with the participation of our employees, our talented interns and well-known Αdvisory Group members, and the decisive contribution of our close collaborators from PaperGo in the educational process.

The programme included both high-level and hands-on presentations focusing on subjects related to:

  1. A/B Testing and
  2. Demystifying Kubernetes.


The workshop was closed with a vivid discussion about the different topics covered and the outline and purpose of LIBRA's future training events. In addition, the company objectives and ongoing activities were presented, while some new processes and procedures were also analysed.

The discussion continued in a happy and relaxed environment in the Center of Athens, with music, drinks, and fun among the participants. This social gathering was the first occasion LIBRA's members came together after a long period of remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic and hopefully the first of several social events we aim to organise for our employees and collaborators.


The 1st training workshop was hosted at Serafio City of Athens (Echelidon 19 & Pireos 144).