2021 has been undoubtedly a complex and challenging year in so many ways. With the pandemic continuing to affect our lives for the second year in a row, businesses have found new ways to evolve and meet customers' needs. To address the need for more sustainable solutions and adapt to the speed of digitization pathways, entrepreneurs have invented new models to operate and relied on new and disruptive technologies. This process has led to more innovation for existing sectors, while new market needs and areas have emerged as a result.

In this changing landscape, LIBRA AI Technologies, as a boutique Data Science Agency working in the heart of Industry 4.0, had the luck to grow, get involved in fascinating research and commercial projects, learn, experience and strengthen its presence in the market. For us, 2021 has been a milestone year. Our LIBRA AI Technologies journey started two years ago, in January 2020, but it was the very last year that the company took the shape we had aspired.

Our team has grown, with talented professionals working in a range of fields, from high-level Machine Learning (ML) modelling and ML engineering, to data visualization and software development. This team was able to successfully build advanced business intelligence solutions in order to help our clients and collaborators shape informed decisions. An inspired and trusted team of 20 scientists and data science 'geeks' ready to solve the hardest problems. A team that we are dedicated to train, mentor and constantly up-skill.

To meet our commitment to our employees for continued development, we have introduced a series of monthly training workshops dealing with different company disciplines and aiming to broaden our team's skills on cutting-edge ML and AI technologies. During these workshops, we offered the floor to our people to present their work, acknowledge their accomplishments and develop a deep understanding of every company's aspect, as well as the opportunity to assume different roles within our data science team.

We have re-branded ourselves to reveal our true face to the world, trusting our vision to the inspired and skillful team of the SPECTER Design Group. The new visual identity of LIBRA AI Technologies felt like home. Having a new brand that fills us with confidence, we have engaged in several outreach activities to let people know what we do and why it concerns them. Aiming to bring advanced ML and AI into real-life applications, the company is inevitably on a mission to educate different audiences about the benefits these technologies can bring to peoples' lives; this is our focus when we communicate our work and services.

We have continued to work closely with the academic and research community to boost innovation in ML, AI and Signal Processing and take advantage of the latest scientific developments in the area. With our participation in two highly innovative Horizon H2020 projects, Dig_IT and PRELUDE, we have collaborated with renowned experts and end-users from all around Europe to provide AI-powered solutions for sustainable digital mines and energy-efficient smart and proactive buildings, respectively. We are also participating as a lead technology partner in one of the most important H2020 projects in Climate Change adaption and mitigation, the newly launched EIFFEL project.

We have won the "5GLOGINNOV OPEN CALL FOR INNOVATIVE START-UPS", excelled for our Real timE drowSiness detectiON, AlerTing and rEporting (RESONATE) solution to be developed in the framework of the 5GLOGINNOV Athens Living Lab.

We also dealt with many fascinating business projects for our valuable customers. Highlights include a data-driven product recommender system for the tourism industry, direct marketing analytics and campaign evaluation business intelligence system for a large chain in the food and beverage industry, as well as R&D for an AI-assisted indoors localization system in collaboration with a multi-national global technology leader.

As a proud member of the Greek start-up ecosystem, LIBRA AI Technologies has been accepted as an official entry in the Elevate Greece national start-up database for our Explainable Marketing Analytics (EMA) solution, targeting marketing and e-commerce optimization. The EMA solution is a result of our long collaboration with our trusted partner, PaperGo, and is currently under development.

Being an Elevate Greece member, we had the opportunity to exhibit EMA and other AI-enabled R&D applications at the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair, the greatest exhibition event in Greece, accepting an open invitation by the Hellenic Ministry of Development and Investments, the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation and Elevate Greece. We have gained a lot from our experiences therein. We have met other innovators, start-uppers, and potential collaborators and made new friends. We discussed with potential clients and obtained valuable feedback about their needs and requirements. We received advice and guidance from other experts and start-up mentors.

Looking back at every moment of the past twelve months in LIBRA AI Technologies, we feel appreciation and joy for our team, their hard work and accomplishments, for all the lessons learned, the experiences gained and the opportunities we had. And most of all, for the recognition we have received from our clients and research collaborators, which helped us grow and flourish. We have never felt more confident for our business and more ready to innovate than today. We hope that 2022 will be as generous and allow us to deliver more intelligence that shapes decisions.